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Oct 16, 2012

John and Craig discuss Frankenweenie and Superhero! before cracking open the mailbox to answer listener questions: What advice would they give to their younger selves? Is a spec with a similar high-concept premise doomed? Should Australian screenwriters use U.S. spelling conventions?

Then, a discussion of what...

Oct 9, 2012

In the spirit of Looper, Craig and John take a journey back in time, looking at the first scripts they read, the first scripts they wrote, and the common pitfalls of many first screenplays.

Not only that: they share and critique the first three pages from the very first scripts they wrote.

Does John's romantic tragedy...

Oct 2, 2012

John and Craig discuss what makes an idea a movie idea, and how those differ from TV ideas, book ideas, and other narrative forms.

Some properties like Charlie's Angels work in more than one medium. We take a few hypothetical projects and explain how they might work as movies.

The conversation then turns to press...

Sep 25, 2012

John and Craig talk about the new show John sold to ABC, which leads to a conversation about the differences between studios and networks, and how writers end up having relationships with both.

We answer a listener question about what writers mean by a "weekly."

The bulk of the podcast centers on four samples from the...

Sep 18, 2012

What's the difference between a reader and a producer? Much more than one high-profile online analyst seems to believe. John and Craig discuss what producers do, and how one plausibly gets started.

From there, we talk pitching. Beyond the plot points, you need to be able to show why you're dying to write this story, and...